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Choose the right garage based on the size of your robot. You will find the list of robots compatible with our garages in their description.


Where ?


To facilitate the return of your robotic lawnmower to the base after mowing, the robotic lawnmower shelter must be installed at the same level, on a flat surface. The station and its protection must of course be close to an electrical outlet so that the robotic lawnmower recharges properly when it is at rest.




Do-it-yourself novices, don't worry: Very easy to install, our robot mower shelters all have their mounting kit and instructions. The number of fixing points varies according to the model of the shelter and its size. ( 4 for Robot Protect C, 12 for models A, B and XL).




A ROBOT PROTECT robotic mower shelter is a guarantee of quality resistance to time and shocks, but also a very good grip on the ground. The noble materials and their good distribution offer better stability, which is very important for their resistance to the ground (against the wind for example). In addition, the fixing points are held on a stainless steel base, so there is no risk of tearing, unlike plastic for example.

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